Balcony Windmill Project 


About the Project 

How does it benefit the environment?

A windmill essentially consists of a few major components. If we were to analyze a commercial windmill, we may find out that there is a rotor, which is the key element responsible for the conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy. It is the component that connects the fan of the wind turbine to the generator through a series of gears that exponentially increase the force, and in turn the power output. 

Secondly, a windmill also has blades that essentially harness the aerodynamic force and in turn, they rotate. The blades need to be of a very specific shape, which ensures the maximum efficiency of the windmill. 

The overarching purpose of the project is to convey the message that we need to harness our creativity and intelligence to protect the environment. Even as much as taking a small step like this helps us realize the value of the resources that we consume every day without giving it a second thought. Even generating as much as 5 Volts of potential difference can demand so much effort. 

On a conclusive note, I think we should be conservative while using non-renewable sources of energy, and we should keep brainstorming for ways to fulfill our requirements with alternative renewable sources.