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Harshul Nagpal

Harshul is a grade 12 student pursuing PCM with Computer Science at DPS Indirapuram. He is a passionate footballer- goalkeeper. Over the last 3-4 years, he has won several awards and honors for exceptional goalkeeping skills. He has also played in various tournaments and competitions. Today, he is featured to shed some light on the physics and science behind Goalkeeping and soccer. Be sure to follow his socials, and read his post- 'Physics behind Soccer and Goalkeeping'. 

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Krishna Telang

A passionate college student with a deep interest in theoretical and cosmological physics, Krishna has a fun and versatile personality. He loves to share his ideas on various theories related to black holes, the multiverse, and many more. A diehard fan of Flash, Krishna likes to slow down things around himself, and observe them in an analytical and patient manner. Follow his socials below



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