PYTHON- Rock Paper Scissors game 

I made a Rock Paper Scissors game within python without the use of pygame. The window is designed with Tkinter library which comes pre-installed in your system along with Python. The format of the game is human vs bot, and the UI is also pretty smooth. Know for yourself by downloading the source code from GitHub below-

Screenshot 2021-07-11 at 9.37.51 PM.png



The program uses AI to perform actions once the user has made his/her choice.


The bot function in the program selects a random choice between rock paper and scissors for the bot

Label image placement

The images are resized by antialiasing, and then placed in labels according to the requirement

How to download the files and play the game

First of all, you need to click on this link, after which  this page should appear on GitHub. Next, just click the code download file, and download the ZIP file of all the files.

Next, save the ZIP file on your system, and then just run the file in python, and the game window should appear.

NOTE- you need to have python installed to use it. 

Screenshot 2021-07-11 at 10.02.48 PM.png