What happens when you are catching a ball?

Well, according to the Newton’s Second Law of motion, the amount of force applied by a body on any other body is the product of its mass and acceleration. So, when you are catching the ball, some amount of force is applied by the ball on your hands, because obviously the ball is moving with a lot of velocity and it also occupies mass.

So, it is clear that the ball hurts your hands when you try to catch it, and that is what happened to Rohan in the video. But, hey!!We certainly can reduce the amount of force felt by your hands while catching the ball. This can be done by neutralizing the acceleration or the velocity of the ball. Think about it, the trick is quite simple. Well, you just need to bring your own hands into motion while you are catching the ball. This little act of smartness can help ALMOST nullify the velocity of the ball, and you won’t hurt your hands next time. So, the next time you can go into the field with utter confidence!!


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