Multiverse: Is Alternate Reality a reality?

One of the predicted ways that the universe will end is the "Big Crunch". The theory suggests that the universe will keep expanding and after a certain time period, it will begin to cool down and will start contracting. This will result in the formation of the "orb" which is thought to have exploded before the 'big bang", and many speculate that the orb was what happened before the Big Bang. One of the biggest questions in physics and philosophy is that "what happened before the Big Bang? ". Many believe that the universe was contained in a singularity: a point mass with infinite amounts of dark energy, matter, and forms of existence that are beyond the understanding of humans. Well, the orb is thought to be that singularity.

So what if this is not the real deal; There are many other mysterious objects in our universe and the most popular guys in town are the black holes. For starters, black holes suck (Literally) and they suck so bad that even light can't escape their grasp.

So yeah black holes continuously suck matter and energy but where does it go? Does it get released via a white hole or transported to an alternate universe or does it go to a storage container that may look like an ''orb".

What if all the black holes are connected at the end and dump down everything they take in at a single point. Starting from the idea that nothing can escape the event horizon ,we can conclude that the orb will have infinite density, matter and energy to make a whole universe inside itself, almost like a finite ball containing an infinite amount of matter and energy.

We can think of this theory as a drainage system, where the toilets suck up all the waste, and all of that is connected in form of a network. At the end of this network is the common area, where all of the waste gets dumped. Using this analogy, we can easily understand how black holes may continuously be forming infinite amounts of universes, all at the same time. But, we just can't comprehend how matter exists inside a black hole, or in the "orb".

And when all the matter and energy is absorbed then the black holes are also absorbed by each other and when the last final black hole disrupts or sucks itself in and collapses, there exists no event horizon, and hence no place to hold the so called "orb" in place, so it expands at an unimaginable rate and so the cycle will begin one more time. And we can hence speculate that we are also stuck in this endless cycle of formation and subsequent destruction of universes.

There is a chance of reorganisation in this process and that might explain why we keep the possibility of alternate universes having different outcomes and situations as they are more or less reorganised than ours. Nature, in general, finds a way to reorganise itself. Random things tend to stay in harmony with each other, like the synchronous beats of the pendulum clocks, when kept close to each other.

Maybe in some other universe this cycle is on the 100th round and this blog doesn't even exist or is the most popular or trending material. I guess we will never know but not knowing helps us think the impossible and push the boundaries of everything. so don't bum out if you don't know something cause that proves that there is a lot to be discovered and a lot to be learned. Until then, let your imagination run loose and think beyond the possible.

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