Space Based Solar Power

Solar Panels

In grade 11, I prepared a research paper on Space Based Solar Power. The central purpose of the paper was to propose an economically viable model of SBSP. It concluded with a hypothesis that can ,theoretically, bring down the cost of a SBSP project by upto 40 percent.

The hypothesis

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The ISS i.e. International Space Station has solar arrays attached all around its body generating thousands of megawatts of power within just a few hours. 

More Power

Due to the absence of atmospheric shield at the altitude of the ISS, the solar radiations are continuous, and generate about 40 percent more power from the sun as compared to Earth. 

Integration of SBSP with ISS

Although labour intensive, and time taking, a model that integrates the SBSP model within the ISS would be a great way to reduce the cost of SBSP

Radioactive Cooling

Radioactive cooling is the scientific term for the atmosphere's property of deflecting back many different radiations coming from space. The paper also covers, in detail, the properties of, and the reason behind such property of the atmosphere.